Top 4 Akanoo Name Twins

Ever wondered where our name Akanoo came from? Our name “Akanoo” originates from the Maori language. It means to “persuade” or “create” and thus fits perfectly to our Predictive Analytics solutions.

But, we are not the only ones, who think it is a great name. Here are our Top 4 name twins:

1. Akanoo, the Rapper

In the music business names are almost as important as sound. We have a name twin who is active in the rapper scene:

2. Akano Animee Artist

Apart from Hip Hop, we have a name twin, who performs anime songs and does some vocaloid.

3. Material Arts Fighter Akano

Furthermore, we have a name twin, who is a professional Material Arts Fighter from Japan.

4. Educational Channel Akanoo cc

In education, our name is popular, too. Akanoo cc is an educational YouTube channel from Bahrain, that is streaming conferences and music performances.