Three effective tools for personalizing your transaction-based website

No question: on-site personalization has been a burning issue in online-marketing and e-commerce  for quite some time. But what are the nuts and bolts to successfully personalize your website? We took a closer look at recent studies to find out what consumers really want in terms of personal interaction on a website. The info graphic below sums up our findings.

This infographic sums up different studies about the personalization preferences of online shoppers.

For instance, the online publishing network Retail Touchpoints (on behalf of Magnetic) has surveyed 200 consumers. The result: personalized product recommendations are important. Primarily, users request to be informed about:

  • personalized offers that are limited for a certain time,
  • individually relevant products with very good ratings,
  • products based on their previous purchases.

The survey of AgilOne draws a similar conclusion. The 3,000 interviewees are preferring personalized offers and product recommendations besides an automatic refill function.

The consulting company Accenture has also asked consumers about their personalization preferences. They have surveyed about 1,000 Americans. The result: they like the following functions above all:

  • Exclusive offers
  • One-Click Checkout
  • Reminder for products that they might need soon

What conclusions can we draw for website personalization?

Although the studies have surveyed people from different countries and don’t provide representative results, they indicate that personalized product recommendations, an automated ordering process & personalized offers/coupons are among the most important features for online shoppers. We will now introduce all of them in detail and give you an idea how to implement them properly.

1. Personalized product recommendations

Product recommendations help visitors to discover relevant products that fit their current interest. Probably, the best known provider of  personalized product recommendations is Amazon. Everybody has come across its product recommendations like “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”.

Screenshot Amazon recommendations
Amazon provides good examples for personalized product recommendations.

But not only big players like Amazon can use personalized product recommendations. Smaller retailers can easily implement recommendations today, too. There are several software vendors, such as Nosto, Econda, Prudsys or Epoq, that are provide powerful solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

2. Automated ordering processes

Another highly-regarded feature are automated ordering processes. They draw from registered  visitor information to speed up the checkout process and make it much easier.  The most effective way to automate the ordering process is to offer one-click checkouts, such as the one from Daniel Wellington pictured below.

one klick checkout daniel wellington
The Daniel Wellington shop provides a good example for one-page-checkouts.

The advantage: users do not have to click through several pages before they can buy a product. They enter all information in one page and check everything easily. In combination with an user account the checkout process becomes effortless and a matter of few seconds before a transaction is completed. Previously saved the preferred method of payment and shipping address could be selected by the system in advance.

3. Personalized offers and coupons

Another feature mentioned by the interviewees again and again are personalized offers and coupons. Similar to the personalized product recommendations, novel services such as Akanoo analyse user and decide in real time to provide personalized offers to  online shoppers. This could be a promotional codes or incentives like in the example of the GAASTRA online shop below.

Each online shop is unique

The three approaches to personalization above show promising performance across industries. Yet every online shop and transaction-driven website is unique. The approaches likely improve performance, but they don’t have to.  Every online shop has specific target groups with distinct needs and tastes. It is extremely important to test the different personalization options and optimize them continuously.

If you need assistance in the automated optimization of personalized incentives, Akanoo can offer you the optimal solution. Contact us today. We are happy to help.