Meet our intern Karsten

Karsten has joined our team in June as an intern for data science. We asked him a few questions that you can get a good impression of what he is doing here.

What have you done before joining us?

I am currently studying at the University of Hamburg for my master’s degree in business administration.

What are your responsibilities at Akanoo?

Everything data science and statistics related.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I really like the variety of tasks and the steep learning curve in the data science field.

And what do you usually do after work?

Sports or recording music.

Which colleague would you take with you to a lonely island and why?

Bendix. I’m confident he would be able to start a farm and develop a watering system for all the plants.

Which attraction/part of Hamburg do you think you should definitely visit and why?

One of the lakes in and around Hamburg for a refreshing swim.

Which apps could you never do without and why

Google Maps and HVV to find the fastest way to my next destination and Audible and iTunes U to keep me entertained and learn something new while travelling.

On the web you can find me here: