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Sina Content Marketing Akanoo

Sina is Corporate Communications Manager at Akanoo. She is responsible for everything from writing blog posts to taking care of our Social Media channels. And apart from this? Find it out!

How long have you been working for Akanoo and what have you done before that?
Since October. Before this I did an internship at Henkel and supported the Schwarzkopf Professional team within their digital marketing activities.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
The variation of tasks. It never gets boring.

And what do you usually do after work?
I’m doing a lot of sports…especially Parkour. Before I moved to Hamburg, I did Hapkido, a Korean self-defense, for a couple years and I would love to get back into it.

Which colleague would you take with you on a lonely island and why?
Well…difficult question. I don’t know the guys at Akanoo so well yet, but I would guess Frank. He seems to be an expert on healthy eating and cooking. So I probably don’t have to starve, when I take him with me…

Which attraction or part of Hamburg should you definitely visit?
There is a small coffee shop called Cafe Canale at the Alster that you can reach by boat. It is definitely worth to go there with a kayak and order something to drink.

Without which apps would you never go?
I really like the Runtastic app. It helps me during my running sessions and allows me to track my performance easily.

Additionally, I like Trello very much. I use it as kind of to-do-list to keep track of my open tasks.

These blogs & websites belong to my daily reading:
For my daily reading I usually browse through my Feedly account, but and are worth a visit in any case, too.

On the web you can find me here:
Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing

Hacking For A Good Cause

RHoK 2015 teams at work

On the 5th and 6th December we hosted a Random Hacks of Kindness event in the Akanoo office. Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) is a global community of technologists and change makers who are “hacking for good‘. This weekend a group of volunteer developers worked on four charity projects for NABU, Starthilfe and Allerleihrauh. Here are the results:

Frog Counting App

NABU as one of the largest environment associations in Germany is supporting a huge variation of nature conservation projects worldwide. Among many others they are trying to preserve the ever-dwindling frog population in Germany. They have teamed up with local schools to save frogs from the street and record their number statistically. To make it easier to count the number of frogs, they need a user-friendly app pupils can use on their phones.

Screenshot Frog Counter
Counter, frog voices and a global map of frog species helps counting the frogs and provides further background to the students.

Bird Counting App

NABU is facing another quite similar challenge: The counting of bird populations. It is important to record the numbers of endangered species statistically and keep track of current developments. To make this process easier one RHoK team has built a bird counting app.

Collaboration Platform Pupils/Refugees Coaching

AWO Starthilfe Hamburg offers support to refugees and pupils who have grown up under difficult social conditions. To reach this goal they are providing a coaching program. Due to the comprehensive program range, AWO Starthilfe has bits of papers everywhere and it is very hard to provide coaches and pupils with the information they need.

One of the RHoK teams tried to make the information delivery more efficient. They built a collaboration platform where participants can up-/download documents, as well as get access to an event calendar, news, FAQs and a forum.

Online Library – Books against Violence

The advice center Allerleihrauh offers support to boys, girls and young women who have been victims of sexual abuse. Additionally, they are contributing to a change in the social conditions enabling sexual abuse.

In addition to their coaching program, Allerleihrauh has acquired a huge library of self-help books. Although, the books have not been categorized and made available for an online search yet. One of the RHoK teams has developed an online library and made it possible to browse through the book collection more easily.

Screenshot Backend Library Allerleihrauh
With the new backend, the team organizes their library.

All in all, it was a great event which attracted a lot of inspiring, motivated people and achieved results we can be proud of. Thanks again to all participants and to our sponsors TeamDrive and GitHub. We are looking forward to working with you again on the next RHoK event.

Meet Our New Software Developer Sven

Akanoo Software Developer Sven

Sven is Software Developer at Akanoo. He is responsible for feature development, bugfixing and all other kinds of code magic. Both for our customer-backends and Akanoo’s internal systems.

How long have you been working for Akanoo and what have you done before that?

I just started working for Akanoo in November 2015. I’ve been working as a software developer for some years now, mostly for start-up companies. For the last few years I worked as Head of IT at a Hamburg-based dating website.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The great teamwork. Everyone is ready to contribute, be it with great ideas or help with a challenging problem.

And what do you usually do after work?

I enjoy spending evenings with friends playing computer games, board games, watching movies and (sometimes) cooking.

Which colleague would you take with you to a lonely island and why?

Wow, difficult question, having just started here. I guess Torben because, he’s the reason I’m here in the first place and we’ve got a similar sense of humour (sometimes to the frustration of our colleagues) :-)

Which attraction/part of Hamburg do you think you should definitely visit and why?

The “Dialog im Dunkeln”. Experiencing the world in a completely different way, I think that would be exciting.

Which apps could you never do without and why?

The gmail app. I’m always reachable by eMail and I’d go crazy without knowing what’s going on.

These blogs/websites belong to my daily reading:

Any IT and news sites, and Der Postillon for fun.

On the web you can find me here:

Surprisingly, I do not have an own website. One of these days I’ll get around to making one…

What Have Politics, Sailing And Customer Management In Common?


Bendix is Account Engineer at Akanoo. His job is to help clients integrating Akanoo, explaining our JavaScript API, answering technical questions and running analysis for a better understanding of the tracking data. And apart from that? Find it out in his interview:

How long have you been working for Akanoo and what have you done before that?

I started working at Akanoo in May 2014. Previously I worked as campaign manager for several politicians, as tutor at the University of Potsdam and as a freelance front-end-developer.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I like the variety of tasks to solve. A little developing here, some talking with clients there and fun with the colleagues everywhere.

And what do you usually do after work?

Every second day I go bouldering and climbing. In the summer, I love to sail on the adjacent Alster (or the sea). Besides, I regularly attend classical and jazz concerts.

Which colleague would you take with you to a lonely island and why?

That’s definitely Jacob since I have known him since secondary school and we for sure would have fun together.

Which attraction/part of Hamburg do you think you should definitely visit?

I really like to take the ferry no. 72 from Landungsbrücken to Finkenwerder. One gets an awesome view over the harbor and the river Elbe with some fresh air around the ears.

Which apps could you never do without?

All the apps from Google for Android: Inbox, Calendar, Contacts and Drive.

These blogs/websites belong to my daily reading:

While riding the U-Bahn I scroll through my Facebook & Twitter feeds. The only blog I open recurringly is the tech blog

On the web you can find me here:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  Xing

PrefixSpan with Spark

Meetup-Event bei Akanoo

Am 13. August 2015 trafen sich 20 Technologie-Interessierte im Rahmen des “Big Data & NoSQL Hamburg Meetup” im Office bei Akanoo. In entspannter Atmosphäre hielten Frank Wolf und Dr. Gundula Meckenhäuser dort einen Vortrag zum Thema “PrefixSpan with Spark”.

Während Dr. Gundula Meckenhäuser den Teilnehmern einen Einblick in “PrefixSpan for Sequential Pattern Mining” gab, zeigte Frank Wolf die darauffolgende Prefix-Implementierung mit Spark. Die Veranstaltung endete mit einer Diskussion und anschließendem Networking in angenehmer Runde.

Informationen zur Meetup-Veranstaltung von Akanoo finden Sie hier.

Meetup 13.08.2015

Meetup 13.08.2015

Akanoo unter den fünf Nominierten für “Das Start-Up mit Zukunft”

Wir freuen uns sehr unter den fünf Finalisten beim Wettbewerb “Das Start-up mit Zukunft” im Rahmen der Internet World Messe vom 24.3 bis 25.3.2015 in München zu sein.

Besuchen Sie uns auch an unserem Stand in der Start-Up Street // Halle B1

Akanoo auf der Internet World Messe 2015

Akanoo takes 3rd place at NEOCOM E-Commerce Startup Award

We look back to exciting two days at NEOCOM 2014 in Düsseldorf. NEOCOM is one of the leading conferences for the German e-commerce and mail-order industry. Akanoo was one of few startups that were selected among over 35 applicants to pitch live on stage for the NEOCOM E-COMMERCE STARTUP AWARD. After a great pitch session, Akanoo finished third after Stickvogel and Glossybox of Berlin.

We are very proud of the result, having finished ahead of other great software-as-a-service companies such as channelpilot and our competitors. We recommend any other young company with a focus on services to e-commerce players to join the NEOCOM fair and startup award. Use the opportunity to meet great partners and prospects and see you next year at NEOCOM!


Update: Akanoo in der Presse

Wir bedanken uns sehr bei Frank Puscher für das spannende Interview über Akanoo, unseren konzeptionellen Ansatz, seinen technologischen Hintergrund und den Herausforderungen als innovativer Technologieanbieter im E-Commerce. Hier gibt es das ganze Interview zum nachlesen: Akanoo: “Richtiger Reiz zur richtigen Zeit”

Akanoo auf der dmexco 2014

Vor einem Jahr erblickte unsere Prognose-Technologie Akanoo bei den ersten Kunden weAre und Urbantrendsetter das Licht der Welt. Nach einem aufregenden Jahr und weiteren großen Kunden wie Baur, Deichmann und Collins war es in der letzten Woche soweit: Unser erster Messeauftritt bei der dmexco, der größten euroäpischen Messe für Online-Marketing.

The Akanoo Cyborg
Der Akanoo Cyborg im Ruhemodus vor dem Ansturm des Messepublikums

Im Rahmen der SEED-Initiative präsentierten wir bei unserem Kooperationspartner Intershop unsere Technologie zur verhaltensbasierten On-Site Ansprache dem Messepublikum. Wir erlebten zwei aufregende Tage vollgepackt mit vielen spannenden Terminen und wertvollem Feedback von Kunden, Interessenten und potenziellen Partnern. Dabei hat sich gezeigt, dass eine gute Vorbereitung die halbe Miete einer erfolgreichen Messe ist. Zunächst bot der Stand von Intershop einen perfekten Rahmen um Kunden und Interessenten zu empfangen (Großer Dank an das Intershop-Organisationsteam!). Außerdem zahlte sich aus, dass unser Vertrieb bereits vor der Messe ganze Arbeit geleistet hatte. Wir verbrachten kaum eine ruhige Minute am Stand, bis wir bei dem nächsten Besucher das Interesse an unserer Technologie wecken oder vertiefen konnten.

Wir blicken begeistert auf den ersten Messeauftritt zurück und freuen uns im Nachgang auf viele neue Kunden für Akanoo.

ePages commerce summit 2014

Jan-Paul Lüdtke represents Akanoo at the ePages commerce summit discussion on Big Data for SMEs

One of Akanoo’s founders, Jan-Paul Lüdtke, today represented the company in a panel discussion on Big Data for Small and Medium-Sized Business.
The panel was moderated by journalist Frank Puscher and was also joined by Isaac Moshe, managing director UK at recommendation engine provider Nosto, and Sören Bendig, CEO at seo-technology provider seolytics.

The discussion focussed on four key questions:

  • Are SMEs ready for big data solutions?
  • How should solution providers engage and educate SMEs?
  • Can solution providers bring additional benefit by aggregating data from multiple clients?
  • Is the “Big Data” terminology helpful in selling data-driven solutions to SMEs?

A lively discussions highlighted that SMEs need to understand the importance of acquiring external knowledge to participate in data-driven business intelligence and management solutions. At the same time, solution providers have to ensure that clients receive highly transparent and performance-oriented services which they understand, trust and clearly benefit from. Jan-Paul and the Akanoo-Team thank the moderator, panellists and especially the audience for a very interesting experience and fruitful discussion.