Meet our new Sales Manager Malte

Malte has joined our team in January as a Sales Manager. In his interview, he will tell you more about his passion for sales and business development.

What have you done before joining us?

Except a handful of internships, I haven’t done a job for a long term yet . Last year I established the company ‘die Herren Edel GmbH’, where I work as CEO. Also, I am still studying economy engineering at University of Hamburg, looking forward to graduate next year.

What are your responsibilities at Akanoo?

At Akanoo, I am part of the sales team and acquire customers to increase the revenue.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Again and again, I get the chance, to convince managers to first: Talk with me for some minutes and second: To take 30 minutes for a presentation. It’s a challenging task, and I like the feeling when it works, the feeling to know that I am able to talk straight to managers in high positions.

And what do you usually do after work?

For me, after work is before work. I have some other projects, especially my own company, but also business ideas that I am developing. I am a businessman by heart. That’s why I actually won’t call it work – it’s my passion. Also I am doing Bikram Yoga for my health and my soul and I read a lot, mostly biographies other non-fiction books.

Which colleague would you take with you to a lonely island and why?

I would take Fabian, because he has similar interests as I have, so I guess talking to him and trying to create something new and build some practical things at the island would be much fun, even if we can’t help people with it or  sell it

Which attraction/part of Hamburg do you think you should definitely visit and why?

I like the chocoversum, a chocolate museum. It’s yummy and interesting at the same time. :-)

Which apps could you never do without and why?

The HVV app, because I would always miss trains and buses and annoy everyone of my friends, being too late.

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