How we guarantee continuous development and transparency at Akanoo

No matter how good a software is, there are always opportunities to improve it. At Akanoo, we apply Scrum methods to improve our workflow and software continuously.

Scrum is an agile software development framework that is designed to deliver new software updates every two to four weeks. As a young company with a heterogeneous team of Data Scientists, Programmers and Developers, not all Scrum methods are applicable for us. That is why we only use some selected Scrum methods and adapt them to our workflow. We mainly use the following two methods:

Creating transparency with Daily Standups

Every morning the Tech team meets for a Daily Standup. The meeting usually takes about 5-10 minutes and kicks off the working day. If desired, members from other teams can attend the meeting.

The aim is to create more transparency about the tasks the team members are working on. Therefore every member answers the following three questions:

  1. What have I done yesterday?
  2. Has anything stopped me from doing it?
  3. What will I do today?

Improving our workflow with Sprint Retrospectives

Compared to the Daily Standups, a Sprint Retrospective is a recurring meeting to reflect on the work that has been done since the last retrospective. At Akanoo, the Tech team does a Sprint Retrospective every three weeks. The purpose of the meeting is to improve the entire development process.

To that end, we firstly identify what went well, what went wrong and what could be done differently to improve. Changes that result from this meeting can range from small adjustments like organizing tickets in a different way, to large changes that affect the whole company, like realizing the necessity for a new position in the company.

It is important that the attendants can express their views freely and without judgement. Therefore, only the team members are allowed to attend the meeting. To create a relaxed atmosphere where the team members feel free to openly express their views, we try to make the retrospective a bit different each time. For example, sometimes it can take place outside in the open air or in a neighbouring coffee shop. In the end, we create a bonding of team members and identify challenges in an early stage.

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