Neue Kunden für Akanoo: DefShop und seidensticker

Das Jahr 2018 startet für Akanoo mit zwei neuen Kunden, DefShop und seidensticker. Wir freuen uns sehr auf die kampagnenreiche Zusammenarbeit!

DefShop ist einer der größten Onlineshops Europas für Urban- und Streetwear sowie Hip Hop Kleidung. Aus einem großen Sortiment aus angesagten Marken kann der Kunde sich dort sein personalisiertes Outfit zusammenstellen – Mode unterstreicht hier die Authentizität des Trägers und wir geben unser Bestes DefShop mit Kreativität zu unterstützen!

seidensticker ist die Hemdenmarke mit der größten Bekanntheit in Deutschland und der Inbegriff ausgezeichneter Hemden geworden. Qualität, Beständigkeit, Zuverlässigkeit, Innovation und Tradition machen seidensticker so erfolgreich. Und mit der Leidenschaft von Akanoo für qualitativ hochwertige und personalisierte Kampagnen können wir gemeinsam noch mehr erreichen!

New customers and

We are happy to announce the collaboration with two new customers: and is a leading producer and online-retailer for wall tattoos and interior ideas in Germany. Their products are innovative, individual and customizable. is designing with a lot of flair, skills and brilliancy – and that’s what we are going to do for them as well with our campaigns! is a website that supports shoppers whenever they are searching for a product. They make the research work a lot easier for your buying decision by researching the best articles out of the most favored product categories. By means of customer reviews achieves their MetaScore. It’s a platform where you can find the article for the best price – and we will be assisting in personalizing the customer experience even further!

Welcome on board!

New customers Cerascreen and FC Bayern München

We are very happy to announce the collaboration for our automated onsite marketing with our new clients Cerascreen and FC Bayern München, two well-known brands in the German market.

Cerascreen offers health-diagnostics, counseling and supply from one source.  With the help of an easy sample-return-test the lab from Cerascreen can determine an accurate result after gold standard. Everybody can do these tests comfortably from home without help! Akanoo will help bringing the right tests to the right visitors at the right time.

The soccer club FC Bayern München can proudly look back on a successful and long history since 1900. The Fan-Club has the most members in the world and deserves an equally up-to-date and well-sorted online shop, which we will assist to personalize even better to the fans’ needs.

We are looking forward to these collaborations and heartily welcome our new customers at Akanoo!

New customer for Akanoo: reichelt elektronik

We are happy to welcome reichelt elektronik as a new customer for Akanoo Onsite Marketing.

With 45 years’ business experience reichelt is offering low priced products in  superior  quality in  their innovative online store. They have become one of the largest electronic distributors in Europe with a standard product range containing over 85,000 products.

We are looking forward to helping reichelt elektronik generate more revenue with personalized onsite campaigns!

New customer

We are happy to welcome as our new customer for Akanoo onsite marketing.

Created as the result of a coincidence during a scavenger hunt, was the first German website showing the exact time in cooperation with the technical institute for physics in Braunschweig.
In 2003 the online shop was founded and since then the e-commerce company from Hamburg has become the most visited online shop for watches in Germany.

Akanoo’s real-time tracking & targeting with succesful campaigns at exactly the right time seem to be a perfect match and we are looking forward to creating many exciting campaigns together.

New customers for Akanoo: Erwin Müller and Sport-Thieme

We are happy to announce our new collaborations for our onsite marketing with Erwin Müller and Sport-Thieme.

Founded in 1951 Erwin Müller is a specialist mail order supplier focusing on home textiles and decorations. Their offer includes unique customization service and is available to international clients as well. We are looking forward to support them with successful onsite campaigns.

Sport-Thieme is the number 1 for institutional sport with more than 65 years of offering quality sports goods for fair prices. You can find over 13.000 items and accessories for over 70 different sports in their online shop! We will be happy to increase the number of 250.000 happy clients so far.

We heartily welcome our new customers at Akanoo!

New customers for Akanoo Onsite Marketing: Eterna

We are happy to welcome Eterna as a new customer for Akanoo Onsite Marketing. Eterna is a fashion label with a long tradition. Since 1863 Eterna has been selling high-quality shirts and blouses. Today, the company is the European market leader with a yearly revenue of about 101.7 million Euro.

We are looking forward to helping Eterna generating more revenue with personalized onsite campaigns!

New Data Insights Case Study with Deichmann published

We are happy to announce that a new case study with our client Deichmann is available for download now. The case study shows you how Deichmann, a European market leader in the footwear retail sector, uses our Data Insights benchmarks to optimize its online shop and thus increase its conversion rate and revenue.

Akanoo Insights analyses more than 70 million shop visitors per month for its customers and based on this data identifies for every shop the most promising avenues for onsite improvement. The case study with Deichmann gives you a deeper understanding how such improvements look like.

You can read and download the Deichmann case study here:

We thank Deichmann for the successful collaboration and we are looking forward to identify even more optimization potential in the future.

New case study with Bricozor published

A new case study in cooperation with our client Bricozor is available for download. The case study shows how Bricozor, a French online retailer specialized in selling more than 40,000 DIY products, has increased its revenue with personalized on-site campaigns.

You read and download the Bricozor case study here:

We thank Bricozor for the productive collaboration and we are looking forward to many more successful campaigns.

New customer for Akanoo Onsite Marketing: Tree of Tea

We are happy to announce the collaboration for our Automated Onsite Marketing with Tree of Tea, a German online shop for tea lovers.

It is the company’s mission to simplify the tea selection for their customers. That is why Tree of Tea is specialized in selling a highly selected amount of premium organic teas and supplies for tea preparation in their online shop.

We are looking forward to a lot of successful campaigns with our new client Tree of Tea.